Government Relations + Public Policy

Strong relationships built over decades with House and Senate leadership, key members of House and Senate committees, and leaders in the corporate, trade association and think tank worlds are limitless.  However, the chance to be heard is only the first step. 

A proven track record of helping our clients build relationships with Members and their staff before an issue arises. Working with our clients, we conduct independent intelligence gathering at the beginning of every client relationship.  We are then able to better assess the current state of your issues in real time and design and implement a successful issue advocacy campaign to influence these policymakers to shape legislation.  Most importantly, we get results.

Strategic Political Development

Utilizing our political experience, we assist companies, trade associations and individuals that seek to be more strategic in allotting political resources to achieve their public policy objectives.  We build political plans to ensure that political activities and contributions are better aligned with their strategic mission by placing them in a better position to play an active role in shaping public policy and being a respected thought leader.

Business Development

In today’s global marketplace, politics, public policy and businesses are inextricably intertwined. While that phenomenon adds layers of complexity to business planning, it also creates a host of strategic opportunities – if one knows how and where to look. We cut through the clutter to help companies identify and pursue commercial relationships, institutional financing strategies, and mergers and acquisitions. Utilizing our networks of nationwide relationships, we design and facilitate plans for companies to grow or sell their businesses.

Advocacy Logistics

One of the most important tools in any advocacy campaign is the Washington Fly-In.  We understand how difficult and time intensive it can be to secure legislative meetings for constituents.  We assist our clients with their conferences, seminars, and legislative action days by helping put together quality programming, arranging guest speakers, hotel and restaurant accommodations and other Washington tours as needed.